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inspection process

SAFEbuilt understands the challenges a homeowner faces when starting a home improvement project.

For questions about your specific project, please Contact SAFEbuilt.

Schedule an Inspection
To schedule an inspection for your project, visit Schedule an Inspection

If SAFEbuilt is partnering with your local jurisdiction to provide inspection services, these steps for the inspection process can help guide you through your project, making the experience a pleasant one.

The process for inspections is dependent upon the complexity of your project. The steps outlined below generally describe the inspection process.

Identify Required Inspections
Whether you are building a deck, adding a room to your home, or finishing your basement, you will need to arrange for an inspection at specific points in the building process. Visit our list of Frequently Asked Questions for a detailed list of inspection requirements.

Schedule an Inspection
When project milestones are reached, you must Schedule an Inspection before moving on to the next step. Generally, someone must be present to meet with the inspector, especially if entry into an occupied home is required.

Inspection Follow-up
If an inspection passes, you may continue with the project until the next inspection is required. If an inspection is failed, the corrections detailed on the inspection ticket must be made and another inspection for that item scheduled.