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We offer services that fit your needs for both long- and short- term engagements

Every public agency has a unique culture and specific requirements or preferences for their building department services. We pride ourselves on providing customized community development solutions for each client we contract with. We will serve as your partner in the development process working to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and ensure quality and safe built environments.

Full Service Building
Department Solutions

Full Service Building Department Services can be provided from a regional office or co-located within your city or town hall. SAFEbuilt provides all vehicles, technology and the properly registered, licensed and experienced personnel to handle services effectively and efficiently.

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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement approached in a proactive, educational and respectful manner has proven to be effective for our partner communities. We can help demonstrate how Neighborhood Improvement Teams help to facilitate citizen and government conversations and cooperatively maintain quality neighborhoods.

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A new innovation in Code Enforcement, neighborhood improvement teams provide an avenue for: citizend to voice their concerns, community organizations to offer assistance, and government agencies to coordinate responses.

Building Code Plan Review

Building Code Plan Reviews are handled by our ICC-certified and experienced examiners. With the understanding of your local code and amendments, our examiners will review and assist in reaching compliance by offering helpful suggestions. We also offer engineering reviews and online progress reports.

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Project Support Services

Project Support Services are available for large-scale or unique projects that require a specific expertise that you may not have on-staff. We have a breadth of expertise that can be mobilized to assist your community-maximizing the experience for everyone.

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Building Code Inspection

Commercial Building Code Inspections by our certified and licensed commercial building inspectors can be a resource for your community during peak building seasons.

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"We found inspectors with local knowledge, contemporary software, competitive rates, and a respectufl approach to customers as the primary reasons we selected SAFEbuilt.


Licensing for businesses and contractors can be painless and a possible revenue stream with our software.

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Rental Housing

Our Rental Housing program, including issuing permits and inspections, can help to ensure tenant safety and keep landlords accountable for the living environment they provide.

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